ESG Leadership 2023

ESG Leadership Conference 2023

Alessandro Pasquale

Owner and CEO, Mattoni 1873; President of the Natural Mineral Waters Europe Association (NMWE)
Alessandro Pasquale assumed leadership of Mattoni 1873 in 2007. Under his administration the company became No.1 in the Central European region. Mattoni 1873 operates 11 factories in 8 countries of Central and Southern Europe, bottling local spring and natural mineral waters and producing world-class beverage brands. Mr. Pasquale's long-term passion lies in sustainability of the entire European beverage industry. As the newly elected President of NMWE (Natural Mineral Waters Europe), he promotes the circular economy principles both at country level and within the EU.

Maxfield Weiss

Executive Director, CDP Europe

Maxfield leads all CDP’s activities in Europe as Executive Director, driving environmental disclosure, insight and action among companies, financial institutions and local governments. Prior to this role, he was Director of Corporate Engagement at CDP Europe. Outside CDP, Maxfield oversaw the environmental supply chain responsibility program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, creating the world’s first supply chain management program based on climate science, leading to his recognition on the 2018 Environmental Leader 75 list of elite environmental managers.

Katarína Navrátilová

CEO, Tesco Stores Czech Republic

Katarína has been working for Tesco since 2000, when she became a purchasing coordinator. After moving through various positions, she took over the role of Sales Director for Tesco - Kipa in Turkey and became a member of the Board of Directors. Upon returning home, she became HR Director for Central Europe and a member of the Exec team. As Product Director for Central Europe, she played a key role in building partnerships with suppliers, enabling Tesco to deliver healthy, affordable and sustainable products to customers. She currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Czech Republic.

Erika Vorlová

Chief Services Officer, GasNet

Sustainability, modern and green energy, education, diversity and inclusion - key topics not only for Erika, but for GasNet as a whole. The country's largest domestic gas distributor is following the path of ESG and renewable gasses such as biomethane and hydrogen. As a member of the Management Board and Chief Services Officer, she sets GasNet's direction in the areas of ESG, human resources, communication, procurement, facility & car fleet. Building a company culture based on GasNet's values of safety, reliability and respect is essential to Erika's role. Erika has also worked as an expert consultant, manager and HR director at innogy (formerly RWE), EuroTel, Hewlett Packard, Sanofi and BAXTER.

Marek Lang

Member of the Board of Directors of JRD; Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Modern Energy Association
Marek Lang is responsible for the Energo and Plasma divisions of the JRD Group. The Energo portfolio includes the second largest wind park in the Czech Republic and photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic and Hungary. The Plasma division offers an innovative way of waste treatment based on plasma gasification and vitrification. In addition, Marek Lang is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Modern Energy Association. He is a graduate of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, majoring in Cybernetics and Control Engineering.

Martin Hausenblas

Member of the supervisory board of Malfini; co-founder of Liftago
Martin Hausenblas is a patriot, entrepreneur, philanthropist, former municipal politician, visionary and innovator. In 2000, he founded ADLER Czech, now Malfini, a manufacturer and exporter of promotional textiles, which since 2010 has focused on the sustainability of the entire process, including waste minimization. He is the founder of Liftago, a company that aims to help the development of autonomous vehicles and reduce transport emissions in cities. Martin's vision is for the Czech Republic to be the transport, energy and data crossroads of Europe - which is why he co-founded the Puls Institute and supports the construction of high-speed lines.

Štěpán Kopřiva

CTO, co-founder Blindspot Solutions
Štěpán is an engineer through education and an entrepreneur at heart. He has long-term experience in solving business problems by deploying solutions built on artificial intelligence (e.g., industrial applications and products). In 2014, he co-founded the award-winning Blindspot Solutions, a globally operating software company based in Prague. The company develops and delivers comprehensive solutions based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization principles. In the last four years, Blindspot ranked among the fastest-growing companies in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranking and won Microsoft Digital Transformation Award 2021.

Ladislav Miko

Advisor to the Ministry of the Environment; Advisor to President Petr Pavel on sustainability
Ladislav Miko is a soil biologist, ecologist and environmentalist. He is the author of many scientific papers and documentary films. He is a teacher of ecology, environmental sciences and restoration ecology at Charles University in Prague and the University of Antwerp. He was Deputy Minister of the Environment and Minister of the Environment (2009). He was also Director of Biodiversity at DG ENV of the European Commission and Director General of DG SANTE. Since 2022, he has been Advisor to the Minister of the Environment and Special Representative of the Czech Government for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. He is an advisor on sustainability to President Petr Pavel.

Jan Růžička

Chief External Affairs Officer at PPF Group
Jan Růžička is the Chief External Affairs Officer at PPF Group. He is responsible for GR, PR, regulatory, thought leadership and ESG. Jan lived and worked more than 4 years for Home Credit Group in Hong Kong, from where he managed teams in the USA, Asia, and Europe responsible for Corporate Affairs, Regulatory, PR, CSR, and ESG. Before coming to Asia, he worked for the Czech government for ten years at the Ministries of Culture and Health and was one of the prominent figures in health reform. Jan is also a pro bono university lecturer, teaching fintech, innovation, and behavioral economics.

Monika Kissová

CSR specialist, Tchibo
During her long career in multinational and consultancy companies, Monika has built up broad know-how, especially in the field of marketing and business. For the last 5 years she has been She has been working on volunteering topics for the last 5 years, social responsibility and sustainability. He believes in, that sustainability is not just something nice but that it's an issue for every company survival.

Martin Růžička

Director of Decarbonisation, ORLEN Unipetrol
Martin Růžička, Director of Decarbonisation, has been working in the field of development and optimisation at ORLEN Unipetrol for more than 15 years, a significant part of which in managerial positions. His main responsibilities are currently sustainable projects, their development and implementation. Specifically, this includes the development of recycling technologies for waste treatment and low-emission technologies, such as the use of hydrogen in transport and biofuels for conventional liquid fuels. He is a graduate of the University of Chemical Technology in Prague

Kateřina Bohuslavová

Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of the CEZ Group ESG unit
Kateřina Bohuslavová heads the ESG office, where she promotes a data-driven and science-based approach to addressing sustainability issues. She represents CEZ Group on the Executive Committee of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Council of the global non-profit think tank The Conference Board and on the Sustainability Expert Team of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic. She is a member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Economics in Prague. She has been Vice President of the CBCSD Presidium since 2022. She graduated from Oxford University and Charles University in Prague. She continues her education in certified executive education courses, e.g. at Berkeley Law.

Věra Babišová

Founder of A-Giga
Věra Babišová is the founder of the company A-Giga, which is an important partner of large companies in the outsourcing sector customer process and care customer care. For more than 10 years she has been connecting business with social action, actively helping the socially excluded to get to labour market. Created a sustainable business The call centre model in prisons also addresses the social problem of low employment and unskilled prisoners and thus the high risk of recidivism. After release, they have the opportunity to be employed in "civilian" call centres centres. In return for this activity, the company has received several awards, including the prestigious Austrian award for social innovation, the Sozial Marie 2015.

Pavlína Louženská

Founder of
Pavlína writes a newsletter about new technologies at and has a consulting agency and a podcast on trends at In the last year she has helped 300+ companies in countries across Europe, not only as a Lead Mentor for Google for Startups in Europe and Africa. She works for various VC funds as a consultant and scout. She founded the #HolkyzMarketing platform, which trains 10,000 women and men a year.

Martina Popenková

Senior Client Director, Ipsos
Martina Popenková joined the Ipsos in 2010 as an Account Director responsible for research in the area of innovation, potential measurement and forecasting sales, as well as projects dealing with brand and general market understanding. Now, as Senior Client Director, she focuses on implementation of research results into processes of companies across many sectors. Prior to joining Ipsos Martina worked for Kantar in the UK for several years.

Sandra Feltham

Founder of Flagship Impact; President of BLF
Sandra Feltham is a leading sustainability and ESG expert in the Czech Republic. She is President of the Business Leaders Forum and owns Flagship, a consulting agency specialising in responsible business in Central and Eastern Europe.

About the conference

As you know, our conferences not only cover the topic of sustainability thematically, but also try to follow the principles of sustainability as much as possible. That’s why we have chosen, for example, meat-free catering or name tags on growing paper that participants can plant, and much more. We also measured the carbon footprint of the conference for the first time in 2023. So we know where we stand and can set a springboard for future years. How did the measurement turn out?