ESG leadership 2024

This year's topic:

Sustainability as a Business Model

In the future, all growing companies will be sustainable. Not because of their minority inclusion initiatives, their sustainable sourcing programs, or their recycling programs, but because they are business conscious about the carbon footprint of their products, the well-being of their people, and all the interconnections that are essential to the long-term success of their business.

Sustainability is not just a department or a report.

Sustainability is a business model – a way of mindset and a way of running a business.

Companies that build meaningful practices, influence and communities are the ones that make revenue and succeed in the long term. Not because they focus intensely on turning ESG into capital, but because ESG IS their capital.



8:30 – 9:00 Registration

9:00 Opening

9:10 Keynote – Jan Jonker (Radboud University, Holandsko)

9:50  Keynote – Deborah Cleaver (CME)

10:15 High-Level Panel discussion on: Sustainability as a business model 

Moderator: Veronika Jonášová (e15)

Debate guests:

  • Michaela Chaloupková (ČEZ)
  • Kateřina Barbier (HP)
  • Jan Růžička (PPF Group)

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break for free networking

11:30 Success case presentation:

  • Anna Goraczka (Allegro)
  • Hana de Goeij (CME)
  • Martin Šimonek (Draslovka)

12:30 – 13:30 We invite you for a lunch

13:40 Keynote – Eva Nedeľková (Lindström, KnowESG)

14:00 Ipsos research results “The Successful Leader and ESG”

  • Martina Popenková

14:15 Czech Sustainability Leader 2024 award ceremony
+ presentation of the award winner

14:40 – 15:10 Break for facilitated networking

15:10 – 15:30 Coffee and moving on to individual seminars

15:30 – 17:00 2 Seminars + 2 Mastermind

17:00 Conference closure


Jan Jonker

Emeritus Professor of Sustainable and Circular Entrepreneurship at Radboud University, Nijmegen (NL)
Jonker is emeritus professor of Sustainable and Circular Entrepreneurship at Radboud University, Nijmegen (NL). He was appointed for life on this teaching assignment in 2015. He is known as an activist professor who wants to stimulate social change with a practical approach. He does so from an organisational perspective translated into business models. For him, the core of transition is learning to organise differently around changing forms of collective value creation. He has 35 books and over 250 publications to his name. He is currently working on his 36th book on transition and value creation.


Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Cleaver is the chief financial officer at CME. Ms. Cleaver joined the company in 2007 and held positions in investor relations and financial planning prior to her current appointment. Ms. Cleaver is a chartered accountant with over twenty years of experience in broadcast television finance, including previous roles at CNBC Europe.

Eva Nedel'ková

Lindström board member and co-founder of KnowESG
Eva has been with Lindström Group since 2022 and has held several consulting positions with a focus on sustainability and ESG. Eva has extensive experience in business model innovation in various industries, including leading digital transformation at Dutch bank ABN AMRO. As co-founder of KnowESG, she is working to democratize access to ESG data. KnowESG Marketplace supports companies in reducing emissions and improving ESG reporting.

Michaela Chaloupková

Member of Board of Directors at ČEZ, a. s , Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer
Michaela Chaloupková graduated from the Law Faculty of ZČU and holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. She joined ČEZ in 2003 as a sales officer in the purchasing department. She gradually worked her way up to the director of the administration division, which includes HR and asset and vehicle management for the ČEZ Group. She has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2011. She also holds the position of Chief Sustainability Officer and is responsible for managing the ESG agenda at ČEZ Group. In 2012, she appeared for the first time in the 25 Women in Czech Business ranking, in which she has been regularly ranked at the top ever since. She also regularly appears in the Forbes 50 Most Influential Women in the Czech Republic. She is actively involved in mentoring and coaching and is one of the strong promoters of diversity.

Kateřina Barbier

Managing Director Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary at HP

Kateřina Barbier is a seasoned executive with extensive international experience and a deep understanding of diverse markets and human potential development. In her role, she focuses on innovation and promoting sustainable business, reflecting her belief that true sustainability starts with concrete actions and actively educating those around her. She has been with HP since 2005 with a one-year break to lead the French multinational Legrand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Less than a year ago she took over the leadership of HP for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Jan Růžička

Chief External Affairs Officer at PPF Group
Jan Růžička is Chief External Affairs Officer at PPF Group. He is responsible for GR, PR, regulatory, thought leadership and ESG. He lived and worked for Home Credit Group in Hong Kong for more than 4 years, from where he managed teams in the US, Asia and Europe responsible for Corporate Affairs, Regulatory, PR, CSR and ESG. Before moving to Asia, he worked for the Czech government for ten years in the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Health and was one of the prominent figures in healthcare reform. He is a pro bono lecturer in fintech, innovation and behavioral economics at a university.

Hana de Goeij

CME Head of Production Sustainability & Responsible Content
Hana de Goeij is a Head of Production Sustainability & Responsible Content at CME Media Group. Her aim is to minimize the carbon footprint of TV productions and inspire viewers to think about their relationship with the planet and their environment. She was involved in formulating the ESG strategy for the CME Group and is now leading its implementation. Hana previously worked as a journalist and has been a freelance correspondent for the New York Times. She has also worked in the Office of the President of the Czech Republic or in the European Parliament. She studied international relations, European studies and journalism.

Anna Goraczka

Group sustainability & ESG manager in the Allegro group
As group sustainability & ESG manager in the Allegro group, Anna Gorączka is responsible for the development and implementation of the group’s sustainability strategy in six countries in the CEE region. She is a leader of the green transformation, was one of the ten women recognized by Forbes Women Poland in 2022, and was last year’s finalist in the “Success Written with Lipstick” competition in the decarbonization category. She is the co-author of the pro-environment reports “Human Design” (2020) and “Human Regulate” (2020), as well as the books “Data Driven Decisions” (PWN, 2018) and “Gamification: How to Win Engagement” (PWN, 2020). She is interested in behavioral economics, wisdom of crowds, and gamification.

Martin Šimonek

Head of Investor Relations, Draslovka

Martina Popenková

Senior Client Director at IPSOS
Martina Popenkova joined Ipsos in 2010 as Account Director responsible for research in the areas of innovation, potential measurement and sales predictions, as well as projects dealing with brand and general market understanding. Now, as Senior Client Director, she is dedicated to implementing research findings into the processes of companies across many sectors. Prior to joining Ipsos, Martina worked for Kantar in the UK for several years.

Winner of Czech Sustainability Leader Award

The winner of the Czech Sustainability Leader Award will speak at the conference.

Věra Babišová
Martin Hausenblas
Zuzana Holá
Libor Musil
Katarína Navrátilová
Jan Řežáb

All of the finalists are exceptional and whoever is the winner, we look forward to it!










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